Koi | Animated Car Diffuser

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Koi is the symbol of good luck in Asian culture. With the animated Koi car diffuser, the fish swims vividly under the metal moire as a reminder that luck is on your side. The internal mechanical structure works like a sophisticated reducer, transmitting the rotation power through a three-stage reducer, generating slow and smooth rotation of the front picture. An aromatherapy flavor can be inserted into the body. The fan structure of the driving wheel drives the air through the aromatherapy block, releasing the natural fragrance to help people feel calm and relaxed.


  • Brand name: Fidget Moire
  • Model: FG0009
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Size: 50*50*57mm
  • Package Size: 65*65*85
  • Net Weight: 60g
  • Gross Weight: 150g
  • Packing list: 1*Fidget Moire, 1* Vent Clip, 5*Blank Felt Pads

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