Jumping Whale | Animated Car Diffuser

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Everyone dreams of traveling the world in a sail boat, peacefully accompanied by jumping whales, tiger sharks and the many other wonders of the sea. This in-car Jumping Whale aromatherapy diffuser will be the best gift when you’re ready to travel with your family or friends. And even if you’re stuck at the office, simply place it on your desk to encourage you to soon make your dreams come true!


  • Brand name: Fidget Moire
  • Model: FG0003
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Size: 50*50*57mm
  • Package Size: 65*65*85
  • Net Weight: 60g
  • Gross Weight: 150g
  • Packing list: 1*Fidget Moire, 1* Vent Clip, 5*Blank Felt Pads

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