About Us

NUMBER ZERO, Inject Dynamic into Your Life!

NUMBER ZERO is an international company delivering creative gadgets with powerful design. Founded in 2019 by inventor/designer Mr. Wu, NUMBER ZERO was made famous by its innovative animated car diffuser and freshener series – Fidget Moire. ZERO means nothing, which is the same pronunciation of WU in Chinese. That’s where the name came from, and how it all began. 

Majoring in industrial design, Mr. Wu was inspired after starting up a smart robotic company with his classmates. His talents and innovation became internationally recognized, with the company winning numerous high-profile prizes like RedDot, IF and more.

While being FUN, CREATIVE and ORIGINAL with a focus on color, material and workmanship, NUMBER ZERO also wants to provide gadgets with cool, practical features that are motivated by sophisticated and thoughtful design.

Stay tuned with Mr. Wu, as he continues to rethink and explore the inner beauty of your daily gadgets. NUMBER ZERO: insert the vivid into your daily life.


December 2019 - Startup
June 2020 - First Product - Parking Number Plate Released
April 2021 - Animated Car Diffuser - Fidget Moire Released